Over thirty paintings, drawings and graphics are visible at the Museum of Montepulciano on display. Such artistic production was created during less than 5 years in early 1920 by Anna Marocco, born in Montepulciano in 1899. The initiative is due to the discovery of Prof. Roberto Longi, Director of the Civic Museum in Montepulciano. Watching at one of the artist’s paintings in a family residence, he remained very impressed. As a consequence he proposed the heirs of Anna the exposure of an art Mostra.
The ensuing project was developed by the collaboration of the Museum with the Municipality and the Meldolesi family of the artist descendants, possessing most of the paintings. Anna Marocco was a young artist. A century ago she started her work. Later she married, and this led her family to live in various Italian cities. For her life, however Anna remained emotionally bound to Montepulciano, first to Villa Bianca, where she was born, then to the so-called Casina. The latter, located in the view of San Biagio, the famous Renaissance church of Montepulciano, she bought and then transformed into a historical villa of prestige.  

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