This section, housed in the charming basement covered with brick vaults, includes some stone artifacts from various sources (inscriptions, coats of arms, etc.) already hosted in the palace courtyard. Among them there is the “Marzocco” depicting the heraldic lion, symbol of Florence, in travertine. It was erected in 1511 in the current Piazza Savonarola in memory of the final transition of Montepulciano under the Florentine influence, and there it remained until 1856 when it was replaced by a copy. We should also point out the important bust of Marcellus II, of the noble family Cervini from Montepulciano, who was Pope for only three weeks in 1555. There is also a small collection of ceramic materials recovered in a throw well (visible inside the basement floor itself) documenting the production of ceramic objects in Montepulciano from the thirteen to the nineteenth century. In the hall n. 4 the visitors can admire some silver objects (including the death mask of Saint Agnes Segni of Montepulciano, who died in 1317).